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Drop Off Service & Self Service

Looking for Wash Dry Fold
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*Athens, East Athens, and Commerce Offer Self Service* 

All locations include the following features:

Open 24 Hours including all major holidays
Free Wifi
Cable TV
Central Heating and Air Conditioning
Snack, Soda, and Soap Vending Machines
Change Machines
Public Bathrooms
Sitting Area with Tables

Wednesday Special: 50¢ off washers!

*Excludes 8 load washers at East Side and Commerce Locations.

Athens Wash House

2026 South Milledge Ave
Athens GA 30605

Wednesday Special: 50¢ off all washers!

2-8 Load Washers

2-3 Load Dryers

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Eastside Coin Laundry – Athens

4040 Lexington Rd
Athens GA 30605

Wednesday Special: 50¢ off washers! (except 8 load washers)

2-8 Load Washers
2-4 Load Dryers

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Commerce Wash House

2167 North Elm St
Commerce GA 30529

Wednesday Special: 50¢ off washers! (except 8 load washers)

2-8 Load Washers
2-4 Load Dryers


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Wash-Dry-Fold Service

Currently offered at the Eastside Coin Laundry:

4040 Lexington Rd
Athens GA 30605

Hours of operation:

Wash-Dry-Fold drop off/pick up:  Monday-Friday: 9am to 5pm & Saturday/Sunday: 9am-5pm

Self Service:  open 24 hours

How it works:

1. We separate your white and color clothes and wash them in cold-water.  We use name brand detergents, stain lifters and fabric softeners.

2. Drop off your items during business hours and have it weighed by the pound unless dropping off comforters which are a fixed rate.  Your pickup day and time will be given to you at this time.

3. We never combine your clothing with other customer’s clothing. 

4. We dry all items on medium heat along with dryer sheets.

5. All items are then sorted, folded, and wrapped for your pick up. 

6. We are not responsible for items left after 30 days.

7. Call us at 706-850-8535 with any questions about our Wash- Dry- Fold service.


Wash-Dry-Fold Terms of Service:

Eastside Coin Laundry is not responsible for:

1. Clothing items that bleed, shrink, or otherwise change as a result of normal washing.

2. Lost articles unless proven we were responsible for them.

3. Any items left in our store over 30 days will be donated

4. Items labeled “hand wash only” or “dry clean only” and not responsible for checking labels.  Please check all labels before dropping off your items.

5. Loss of or damage to any personal items or non-cleanable items left in clothing such as money, jewelry, cufflinks, belts or anything else.

6. Damage to your garments from items left in pockets (lipstick, pen, gum, lighter, etc.)


*Eastside Coin Laundry service does NOT guarantee removal of all stains.

*Eastside Coin Laundry reserves the right to refuse customers or refuse cleaning of any item.

*Eastside Coin Laundry will NOT clean clothing infested with bed bugs, mites, fleas, or any such contagious pests.




This is the cleanest laundromat I’ve ever seen. Free WiFi. Courteous staff, who work hard to keep it clean. Great selection of different size washers. Most importantly, I feel safe there.
Brittany Dailey
It was extremely clean and I was able to do all my clothes in one machine- held 8 loads. The prices were very reasonable. I would recommend this place to everyone.
Mitchell Adolphson
Clean, modern equipment, dryers 25 cents-add as needed & not flat rate.
Dan G
Nice facilities. Moderate pricing. 24 surveillance is a plus!



Laundry Attendants and Cleaning Contractors Needed!

Shifts available: Weekdays, Weekends, Morning and Evening!

1.  You must be able to lift up to 50 lbs. and be physically capable of sometimes strenuous cleaning duties such as mopping, sweeping, etc.You may occasionally be asked to work at our other two locations.


2. Excellent customer service skills are required.


3. You must have basic computer skills and be able to type quickly and accurately to be an attendant.


4. No smoking at all during work shifts for attendants (we handle customers’ clean laundry!)


Fill out an application by going to the Eastside Coin Laundry between 8am-8pm Monday-Sunday.